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    Cool Fraudulent Money Order

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    My company, based in Florida, received a money order from a Texas customer in the amount of $262.84 that was deposited to our account. On Friday (8/1/08) the accounting department notified us that the money order was returned by the bank as being fraudulent.

    We plan to contact the customer for reimbursement on Monday (8/4/08), in the meantime we need to determine what legal options are available should we need to pursue this course of action.

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    Default Re: Fraudulent Money Order

    Have you already shipped your product? If possible, don't or consider recalling it, as the odds are your customer has no intention of paying. If this truly is a forged or altered money order I suspect that the customer is using a false name and address, or somebody else's name and address.

    If you can straighten things out with the customer, you can decide if you want to involve the police. But personally, I would make a police report.

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