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    Default Falsely Accused of Writing a Hot Check

    ]I am a being falsely accussed of writing a check in MO. last year. wrong spelling and 1st 3 numbers were different. We had it settled up until now this past month I have gotten 4 letters from them.went to State police here in Maryland,Sears, sheriff dept. ,Attorney Genereal he told me do not open anymore letters return to sender..I did that this past week,,the collection co. sent it back to me.I live in Maryland never been to MO.I asked them to send me a copy of check she wrote. wrong spelling on it(name) had her S.S> on it also with her address,phone no. and she wrote at sears for $977.00 then stopped payment on check a few days later. that was all done in MO. I live in MD. sear they would not help it was not from their store. and went to Bank of America it was not from there help

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    Default Re: Falsely Accused of Writing a Hot Check

    You need to clearly explain what happened. You posted this as a judgment recovery issue, so how did you end up with the court judgment entered against you? Have you in fact paid off the judgment? Did the plaintiff file a satisfaction of judgment? Who is now trying to collect, and what is their relationship to the plaintiff?

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