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    Default Water Rights and Sale of Land in New York

    I own parcels of connected land on a lake in upstate NY.
    A builder wants to buy one of the parcels that has 200' of lake front. He says the water rights are much better for properties of 101' or more than for those with only 100'. So he wants to buy 2' from my neighboring property so he can make two 101' building sites. He also wants to add some land from it to make building septic fields easier.

    Taking two feet of land will leave me with 76'; as it was 78' before.
    Currently you need 100' of lake front to build on. My "understanding" is that since the property is already build on, I could always raise the existing structure and build something better. Would that still be true if I sold off the two feet? I am concerned that it might somehow cause me to lose a grandfathered right.

    Also, I am wondering what sort of rights he would gain by having 101' instead of 100'? If anyone knows.

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    Default Re: Water Rights and Sale of Land in New York

    You need to consult a local real estate lawyer for details of local land use and zoning ordinances, and how they relate to your specific parcel.

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