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    Default What is an Easement Worth?

    A neighbor is nearly done building a new house.
    Yesterday I was talking to the builder who mentioned they needed me to give them an easement across my property to get electrical.

    It is across a corner of my 12 acre property in a place where it won't cause any problems at all. On the other hand, it seems really weird they would build a $400,000 house before asking me for the easement.

    I don't really know the guy, so I neither owe him a favor, nor do I want to screw him. Free? $500? $5,000?

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    Default Re: What is an Easement Worth?

    You might tell them to put it underground and any other utilities which might try and use the same area. Pick a price you can live with cause what ever goes in there will be there longer than you will. Be real careful with the document they will want you to sign. Good luck

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    If they waited this long and are in a bind, I would put a much higher price on it, and have them pay an annual fee indexed to inflation for maintenance of the area. I don't know if you're allowed to...but I would still try to make them pay for either poor planning or for assuming that you would go along so easily.

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    Default Re: What is an Easement Worth?

    First, have them provide you with an example proposed underground easement exhibit prepared by a registered surveyor showing the location, extent, and square footage of the proposed easement. Give them express permission for their surveyor to enter on your property for this purpose only.

    Take the reported square footage and divide it into 43,560 which will give you the acreage. Multiply the acreage by the value of your property per acre and multiply by two. That, plus all legal costs on your part (you will need to have this fully reviewed by your attorney at their cost) is the ending point in your negotiation. The starting point would be well above that.

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