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    Default Will an Arrest Record Affect EAD Renewal

    Hi, I got an arrest letter in June. When I turned myself in I was fingerprinted and my photo was taken. I hired a lawyer and my case is still going on.

    Now it is time for me to renew my EAD. Will this arrest record affect my EAD renew? I am planning on filing the renew by mail. Will my criminal record be checked when USCIS reviews my EAD renew? Thanks a lot.


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    Default Re: Will an Arrest Record Affect EAD Renewal

    The charge? Probably not; it's not a conviction yet (although any criminal activity puts your status in potential jeopardy). But your other thread indicates that you're charged with a five year felony that's also a crime of moral turpitude, so you are interested in staying the country in the longer term you should be working with an immigration lawyer.

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