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    Default Services Not Rendered Yet Payment Demanded

    My question involves business law in the state of: California.

    Wild Blue satellite internet uses subcontractors to distribute their satellite access (bill people) and these subcontractors use subcontactors to install the satellite dishes. I used Wild Blue and was assigned Plumas Sierra who gave a list of installers. I signed a business service contract for a year. The first installation went well. I moved a couple months before the contract time was up. I tried to get the Wild Blue satellite reinstalled. I was given a choice by Wild Blue/Plumas Sierra of a couple companies who could do their installations and none others would be accepted. I chose one close to me assuming in good faith that they were capable of installing said internet satellite dish that I conduct my business over. My contract was for business use. The installers did not show thus shutting down my business and when they finally showed up and did the installation they did it so that I bare had access to the internet and then had none at all thus completely shutting down my business. So, the installation was never done correctly. Wild Blue cannot be connected without using one of their connection services which is what I had to do. This company did not do the job correctly. I paid them before the installation. Plumas Sierra said they could tell what days I received internet reception and its quality and I would be reimbursed for the nonconnection days. I said I should not be charged for services not rendered on the days of not internet reception or poor internet reception on another call and then they said they would not say what days I had been connected and I had to have called in each time I had no connection, which was never mentioned before this time. They said then they had no record of such reception or not, and, I needed to pay again for another of their company approved installers -the full installation price again. This would be two installation prices for services not rendered. The web is full of these such complaints. The last approved installer has pictures of the faulty installations that he has to come out and fix and said to me on the phone that Plumas Sierra has a lot of this problem with poor work and non or bad reception by customers and does not do anything to fix the problem. They are charging for services not rendered. As my business was shut down, I did not have the money for this third installer. The installer on my moving was charging for ineffective service. Plumas Sierra continues to bill me and charge interest for this service not rendered. What can I do? The installer who has pictures is not interested in helping.

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    Default Re: Services Not Rendered Yet Payment Demanded

    So basically, you moved, the installer messed up, and you couldn't afford a new installer. Now you have X months left on your satellite service, you don't want to use that service, and they're continuing to bill you?

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    Default Re: Services Not Rendered Yet Payment Demanded

    I don't want to because I cannot afford to because they shut down my business. I then had to reform my business to happen over a land line.

    So, what can I do? These crooks are even charging me interest on nonpayment for services not rendered. They can see they have not rendered those services but leave it to me to prove I am not receiving their services over the equipment basically not installed by their chosen providers.

    And, the web is full of these stories about Wild Blue and various versions of this same tale.

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