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    Default Suing Another Company for Breach of Contract

    My question involves business law in the state of: NJ


    I'm an S-Corp owner in NJ and have an agreement with Firm A(in VA) to provide services to it's client Firm B(in NJ). As per the contract, Firm A has to pay me within a week after receiving payments from Firm B to which I provided the services.

    The project was completed few months ago and Firm A has received the payments from Firm B. However, Firm A is now not paying me for the last few months since the project already completed. I gathered proof from Firm B that they have made the payments to Firm A.

    1>What are my options to collect my payments?
    2>The agreement/contract between us was not signed, but the terms were agreed via corporate email through it's officers. Can I hold them to that and file a suit?
    3>if Firm A intends to close it's operations soon, can they escape the suit?
    4>Can I file a lawsuit on my own and in which state?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Default Re: Suing Another Company for Breach of Contract

    You can file on your own but that is not advisable. If the contract was performed in NJ, you can file in NJ. All you will get is a judgment which you will then have to try and collect.

    Not knowing the amount, check the limits of small claims in NJ and VA.

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