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    Default Getting Gaurdianship of an Elder in Texas

    Hi, new here, and am trying to find info on getting gaurdianship of my grandparents. My grandmother and grandfather both have power of attorny over each other and for months refused to relinquish to anyone else. Now my grandmother is in the hospital, not in full mental health, and my grandfather has progressive stages of Althizmers. So neitherone has really the mental capcity to make the decision. We need to try to get Power of Attorny and Gaurdianship and I am not sure how to go about it. If anyone has any iformation, please share..

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    Default Texas Guardianship

    You would petition for guardianship in the probate court in the County where your parents reside. There are probably standard forms which you can get at the form to complete the petition.

    You don't need both power of attorney and guardianship - the guardianship supersedes the power of attorney. (A power of attorney is issued by the individual; a guardianship is ordered by a court.)

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