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    Default Renter Fell Behind, Now We're Behind

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: PA

    We moved to a new home (we were living in a 2 bedroom mobile home with 5 people) and had our other property up for sale. Due to the market it never sold. In the meantime a friend of ours left her husband and needed a place to live. She asked us if we would rent her our old home and we did. Only charging her what it would cost to keep things up to date not charging for taxes or garbage. Well at first things were going well and she was paying on time, things and she was paying us when she could because of her employment issues. She is now back to paying us like she should be but she still owes us from the other months she was not up to date. I did notify her about this and am hoping she can come up with the money. However here is the sticky part(s). 1) my parents co-signed on the other house for us and are now getting calls about being late 2) we never had her sign any form of legal papers about being a renter 3) is there a way to just sign the other house over to her and be done with it all. The other house is a mobile home on a rented lot. The land lord of the lot knows she is living there and that she is paying us, but has not been paying us on a regular basis.

    Things I don't think I mentioned are...

    we own our new home

    can't afford to keep both houses going any longer (we were allowing her to pay us every 2 weeks because we had no problem putting the other money up since she was paying us..but since my husbands hours have been cut back ALOT we just can't afford that anymore AND I did explain that to her)

    Anyway, ANY kind of help or direction would be helpful. I just don't know what to do. We are still trying to sell the mobile home but not having very good luck.

    Thank you for your time

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    Default Re: Renter Fell Behind, Now We're Behind

    If you own your mobile home free and clear, the landlord is willing to accept your friend as a tenant, and your friend wants to assume ownership and tenancy of the lot, it should just be a matter of paperwork. If you have a loan on the mobile home, she will also either have to assume that loan (if possible) or refinance.

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