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    Default Identifying the Employers of Debtors

    I'm looking to start wage attaching per-capita tax debtors in the state of Pennsylvania. My main obstacle is finding the current employers of these debtors. Is there ANY source of census or other information that could provide employer names and addresses, whether it be public or private information? Thank you!

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    Default Finding Current Employers

    If the employment is lawful, ultimately tax documents would be filed identifying the employer. But you can't get them, so that's not much use. Information may be available through a credit report, if you have a lawful basis to access the report. Ordinarily a judgment creditor can hold a creditor's exam, or issue a subpoena, which the judgment debtor would have to return identifying requested information such as employment, banks and account numbers, etc., but as you are not a judgment creditor that avenue probably is not available to you. Private investigation, that is to say surveillance, can lead to identification of an employer, although that will ordinarily make sense only if the debt and odds of collection are significant.

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