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    Default Employment Discrimination

    I am pregnant and my employer ,MBS, has demoted me. I have spoken to other employees that state this has happened before to previous employees but no action was taken! I have a witness that states my pregnancy was the reason for my demotion based on meetings with upper management. Am I truly being discriminated against, or do I have to just roll with the punches? :cry:

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    Default Discrimination Over Pregnancy

    The answer might be affected by your job duties, and what you mean by a demotion. But if they did discriminate against you on the basis of pregnancy, that may well support a lawsuit against them. If you can demonstrate a pattern of similar demotions of pregnant women, and have witnesses who verify the motive, any case of illegal discrimination would be made stronger.

    You should consult a plaintiff-side employment lawyer in your state.

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    Thank you very much.

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    [Name Removed], you're just upset because you were demoted based on job performance and not because you were preganant.

    You know that what you're putting on this forum is untrue. Why don't you accept the fact that you were a poor manager and they were trying to save your job, rather than let you go.

    They actually had your best interest at heart; and you make it seem like they had some sort of conspiracy against pregnant woman.

    [Admin Note: Please do not "name names" here.]

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