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    Angry Firing a Real Estate Agent

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Utah

    I have lost my trust in my real estate agent. I don't even want to return his phone calls. My husband and I signed a buyer-broker agreement when we put in a bid for a house. It was for 6 months. I understand the agreement to use him as my agent. It states that he gets 3% of any house that we buy even if it is unlisted. My girlfriend wants to sell me her place and doesn't want to go through an agent. I wouldn't mind giving my agent some money but he has not earned 3%. There have only been 2 houses he has shown me and both houses I have found myself. The bid fell through on the last house when my girlfriend just offered us her house. He has called me twice and left messages that I will be liable for a suit if I don't include him in the sale. I do not want to talk to him anymore and do not want to deal with his Real Estate Company so I will wait out the 6 months then get the house. I would like to fire him and get another agent as I hate to wait 6 months for the contract to end. Is there anyway I can do this and avoid a suit?

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    Your post seems to indicate that you are aware you signed a legal, binding contract with the broker. Talking to the broker may help, or perhaps negotiating less than 3% for the agent---which should be paid by the seller.

    If your friend is offering you a good deal without using an agent, be careful. You need to have someone looking out for your best interest....and it is impossible to ask any seller to do that, friend or not. Something to consider: If your friend is truly giving you a good deal, you should be paying at least 6% less than any other recent comparable home sale in your area--since more than likely the comps involved the seller paying brokers' commissions for both the listing and selling agents.

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    Yep, traditionally the seller pays the percentage anyway (whatever was negotiated.)

    Unless you are thoroughly familiar with real estate law, your best bet is to have an agent looking out for your best interests. You'd be shocked to know just how many things can and do go wrong. (Even~or especially, between friends).

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