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    Default My Husband Stole My SSDI for 5 Months

    Hi, I am deaf. I got letter from social security office in January. It said I will receive SSDI $1400 every month from Feb. But my husband kept the letter from me and didn't tell me about that. So I didn't know I got SSDI until now.

    Now I stopped direct deposit to my husband's bank account. I changed direct deposit to mailing check to my friend's home. So I finally got SSDI. But my husband doesn't know about this, and he asked me to go to social security office to check SSDI. Also, he asked online code that can check SSDI situation through online. But lucky I changed address to my friend's home, so he didn't get that. But my husaband told me if I created my own account for SSDI, I have to pay 1/2 of apt rent fee, food, electric, water , everthing, so My SSDI won't be left after paying those fee. My husband own a coffee shop and I worked there everyday. So I don't know understand why he control too much like this. I bought my new sidekick phone because old one was broken, so I bought new phone with cheapest discount, but my husband was upset with me because I didn't ask him at first. But He didn't tell me about SSDI for 5 months. I feel it is not fair, but he still blame me for everything while he controlls my money.

    He threaten me saying divorce so many times, and I have never seen my parents for 5 years, because he doesn't like them. I want to prepare for divorce for the future, so I want to make my own account, but I am really scared if he found out and hit me again.

    I want to show him FRAUD law , because he respect law well. If I show him FRAUD law, he would change his behavior toward me. Please send me FRAUD law ASAP!!!!!

    I am thinking to get check to my personal post box so that my husaband never touched it. And I want to deposit half of check to my husabnd's bank account and half to my own account. But Social security can separate check for me??? social security can deposit directly to bank separately so that my husband never find that I have my own account.

    Please help me!!! I tried to commit suicide because he control me and blame me for everything even though he did wrong.

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    Default Re: My Husband Stole My SSDI for 5 Months

    If your husband respected the law then he would not hit you.

    You need to seek out battered women's services immediately!

    You are your own person and can control your own life and finances if you wish to. You do not need to be around your husband a second longer than you want to (it sounds like that time ended a while ago). Suicide will not make your life any better or his any worse and it certainly won't convince him that he has been wrong about anything - it is nothing but a bad idea.

    There is probably a Social Security office near you. I think it may help you to go in and talk to someone face to face about your problem.

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