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    Question Tenant Gave Notice Early for a 2 Year Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: New Hampshire

    I rented out a home to a couple with a 2 yr agreement good until april 2010. They wanted a 2 yr commitment from me the landlord. I agreed, and they signed a lease as such this april. There have been no problems with them or the property. Today they gave me a check for the rent through Aug. and a letter giving 30 days notice. In the letter they wrote the house and neighborhood are great but we are worried about the driveway in the winter. They also stated verbally that they found another place cheaper and with a less steep driveway.

    The agreement was for a 2 yr lease. The contract had provisions for either a month to month or a term and the term option was checked off and the april 2010 date written in. There is no option for early termination.

    What are my options as a landlord. This is the very first time I have rented.and being fairly naieve what can I do??? I am working on a letter to send them stating we had an agreement that needs to be honored . Please help I am a single mom and need to protect myself.

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    Default Re: Tentant Gave Notice Early for a 2 Yr Lease

    If you really want to protect yourself, you need to hire an attorney.

    Your tenants had an agreement and it does need to be honored. You can be nice and tell them that they will have to continue to pay rent until they find a suitable tenant to take over their lease, or you can be not as nice and sue them for breach of contract and the remainder of the lease fees.

    Either way, you want an attorney to help you cover your butt.

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