My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: FL
Someone stole my decal of my license plate therefore, one night, my car was towed by a company called EMS Towing. The company is not the same company that is posted at the entrance of the driveway, so when I call them to find out if they have my car, they told me that they didn't tow any car that morning. I called 911 to report the car and that's how I found out EMS Towing Inc. towed my car. I know FL law says that there must be a sign at the entrance stating the company's name and phone number. Apparently my apt complex belongs to another association that is bigger and they told me they comply with the law and blah blah but I don't see any signs of that.
Also my car was parked correctly not blocking any traffic or entrances.
I called the Management company that manages all the apartment complexes in the area and they were very rude and told me that there's nothing they can do.
Is there?