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    Default Proof of Payment Issue

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: california.

    following a non guilty plea for a traffic violation , i was given a 10 day notice to say bail for a court date. To avoid the 4 hour line to see a cashier , i dropped a check off with correct forms im payment box.

    30 days later my check was cashed and was issued a FTA.

    court sais they did not recieve th check untill the cashed date.

    besides written date on check and evidence of taking time of from work to come and make the payment , how can i prove what day i placed check in courts drop box.

    is court required to show proof of when it was recieved or some form of confirmation for drop box dates ?

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    Default Re: Proof of Payment Issue

    Absent the good fortune of finding a security video camera that would have showed you dropping off your payment, along with your being able to get a copy of the video, there's no obvious way to show that you dropped the payment off 30 days before it was received. I feel for you, by the way - I had a utility payment "mysteriously disappear" out of a drop box. (It still hasn't turned up.)

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