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    Default Shipping Company Problems

    My question involves business law in the state of: Illinois

    Hello all, my first post here and was just looking for some advice. In my spare time I export tractors. I buy tractors here, and send them to my uncle in Poland where they are resold. They are sent in containers. I've been doing business with a certain company for about 2 years, and have previously sent 2 containers with them. I decided to purchase two new tractors to export in middle April, and I have them shipped to the warehouse of the Logistics company from where they are packed into containers and sent out. So in middle april I had them bought and sent to the warehouse company, and the person from the warehouse company (owner) arranged for shipment of one tractor, and I arranged the other. They both arrived at his warehouse ready to be packed and shipped around the end of april. (From here they are supposed to be packed into a container and sent out). He asked for the necesarry papers for export when both tractors were received (receipts etc.) which led me to beleive they were soon going to be sent out.

    All of May and June, I called and emailed him about when they were going to be sent out. He kept on telling me "Oh, In a week" every time I called. Around the end of June I got fed up and decided to pay him a visit because I knew that over the phone he was just going to blow me off. On the way to his warehouse, I saw one of MY tractors thats was supposed to be at his warehouse, ready for export, at another establishment, doing work. I am not a lawyer but I beleive he does not have the right to do this. However, I did not take any pictures and really don't have any evidence of him doing this. I told him about the situation that day and he said "Oh thats just another place I store the equipment" which is simply not true, and which started to make me believe that he was on to something. So after this he basically tells me they will be sent out on so-so day (like always).

    So here we are in the beginning of July, and I call, but now I get different news. They have been sent out! And he tells me that he will email me the paperwork as soon as possible. That whole week, I must have called him out 40 times, not exagerrating, BEGGING for the shipping documents. He also lied to me 40 times, telling me he will email me them.
    Typical convo:
    Me: Hey, are the papers in yet?
    Him: Sure are, tractors were sent out last week, I'll email them to you in 5 minutes.

    This went on for a week, so after a week of calling, I got really fed up. I knew there was something fishy about the situation so I went to the warehouse to see for myself whether they had been sent out or not. I drive up, and there are both tractors, sitting at his warehouse, not sent out. I had been lied that whole week, and basically since middle april too. I went to his office to visit him, and he tells me that I need an EU number to send out, completely disregarding that he lied to me for 2 months already. So I get all the info about this EU number, which I supposedly need (by the way which I have NEVER needed before, so something is fishy) just to find out its not necesarry. At this point I'm thinking, "Man you had two months to tell me about this, but I got no call for from you, never." So I call him, and tell him it's not necessary, and this was last Thursday, July 10th. He goes, "OK, great, I'l ship them tomarrow then."

    So basically I just visited today and THEY ARE STILL THERE, at this point it has been 3.5 months. I've shipped with him before, and I know when it's busy it takes up to 1.5 months, but this is a joke. I have 30,000 dollars sitting in these tractors that he just will not ship out and he will continue to lie to me. So basically my question is....what can I do? The receipts for the tractors is really all I have, and paperwork that he received the tractors at his warehouse too. Something HAS to be going on that he won't ship the tractors out, and I'm pretty sure he's using them, but I already know I cannot prove that. Basically I just want these tractors sent out, and if theres something I can take legal action with, I will, I just don't know what. To me this is completely unacceptable and I am being treated like an idiot. Can anyone please provide some advice on what I can do?

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    Default Re: Shipping Company Problems

    Why not take the tractors back and use another shipper? Inspect the tractors before taking them back, and take pictures to document any use or damage during the time this person has had the tractors.

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