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    Default Land Purchase, Perpetual Easement

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Texas

    My neighbor is selling me about half an acre of his land that currently borders my property. He is planning on tearing down his house, which currently is partially on the land to be sold. He would like to convey the land initially to me under a perpetual easement, so as to facilitate the demolition process. I would retain the opportunity to have the land replatted into my current property at a later time.

    Does this sound like a reasonable plan? Any comments on advantages/disadvantages of this approach? Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Default Re: Land Purchase, Perpetual Easement

    I wouldn't do a perpetual easement. You can do a separate contract giving him the right of access to tear down the house but I would put a time limit on it. Better not to have an easement in the chain of title.

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