My question involves real estate located in the State of: FLORIDA.

My father past away 5 years ago, before he died he put me in title of his house together with my mom, at the time of his death my credit was not good and a very good friend (so I thought) offered to help me and I put my house in his name so that I could finance and could afford the house until I had better credit. My friend and I entered into a verbal agreement that when the mortgage would change from fixed rate to variable we would change back the house in my name. In the meanwhile I have been paying the mortgage payment and taking care of everything that had to do with my house, and aslo working on my credit to improve it.

However, we are 1 week away from closing in my name and finance in my name and he is evicting me and wants to stay with my house.

This to me is unbelievable, I thought that there couln't be such an evil person in this earth, but their is, can I fight this demon, under any law, maybe, breach of verbal contract, malicious intent to an elderly person like my mother who is 88 and still lives with me in the house that my daddy lefts us.

Please help me, I am desperate, I can let this person get away with this. I have to fight formy dad's memory, for my elderly mother that wants to be in the house until she goes to be with my father, and for my 14 year old son that needs a house and ahome.

PLEASE, HELP, need to do something quick.