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    Angry Put My House In Friend's Name, Now He's Evicting Me

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: FLORIDA.

    My father past away 5 years ago, before he died he put me in title of his house together with my mom, at the time of his death my credit was not good and a very good friend (so I thought) offered to help me and I put my house in his name so that I could finance and could afford the house until I had better credit. My friend and I entered into a verbal agreement that when the mortgage would change from fixed rate to variable we would change back the house in my name. In the meanwhile I have been paying the mortgage payment and taking care of everything that had to do with my house, and aslo working on my credit to improve it.

    However, we are 1 week away from closing in my name and finance in my name and he is evicting me and wants to stay with my house.

    This to me is unbelievable, I thought that there couln't be such an evil person in this earth, but their is, can I fight this demon, under any law, maybe, breach of verbal contract, malicious intent to an elderly person like my mother who is 88 and still lives with me in the house that my daddy lefts us.

    Please help me, I am desperate, I can let this person get away with this. I have to fight formy dad's memory, for my elderly mother that wants to be in the house until she goes to be with my father, and for my 14 year old son that needs a house and ahome.

    PLEASE, HELP, need to do something quick.


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    Default Re: Put My House In Friend's Name, Now He's Evicting Me

    Sweet fancy Moses in electric blue tights!

    You don't need us, you need a lawyer, and you need him NOW. You do not have time to wait for strangers on the internet to try to find a solution for you. You need a professional IMMEDIATELY to help protect your rights.

    If you don't know where to find a qualified real estate attorney in your area, you can contact the Florida State Bar Association for a referral. Initial consultations are typically free.

    Their server seems to be down this morning, but you can still contact them by phone - (850) 561-5600

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    Default Re: Put My House In Friend's Name, Now He's Evicting Me

    first, follow LRM's advice. It is imperative you speak with an attorney ASAP.

    Aside from that;

    contracts concerning real estate must be in writing to be enforcable so in effect, you have no contract with this person.

    what happened to mom? you said she was on the title as well. Did she sign a deed as well?

    then, you really need to look into a "due on sale" clause in your mortgage loan. Most have them and the transfer of title would have made your loan due immediately. A bad place for you to be in. One thing I am not sure of is; in whose name is the current mortgage loan?

    Your post is a bit confusing so it is difficult to actually determine what has happened so a bit of clarification would be great but, if I read it as I think it may be, you may be nothing more than a tenant at this time with no recourse. You need to speak with an attorney NOW.

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    Default Re: Put My House In Friend's Name, Now He's Evicting Me

    Since you have been making the payments, you have an equitable right to the house. However, it will take court action and you need an attorney.

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