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    Default Arrest Warrant for Driving Without a License

    ok well , i got arrested for driving with no licence and a warrant for a previous arrest for driving with no licence i didnt know i had a court date and i missed it and now i got a warrant for dirving with no licence and now i wanna go get my licence i dont want to got to jail is there any other way around going to jail?????? please respond to me this is very important
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    Default Driving Without a License

    You should consider retaining a lawyer or, if you can't afford one, petitioning the court for appointed counsel.

    For getting your license back... your ability will depend upon the reason for the suspension and your record of traffic violations.

    The reason for the license suspension could also play a significant role in plea negotiations and sentencing - if you're suspended, for example, as a habitual drunk driver, the court will typically impose a greater sentence than if you were suspended for an unpaid minor traffic offense.

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