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    Default Wrongly Accused of Harassment, Stalking, Violating a Restraining Order

    All I did was evict tenants after only ONE month of renting (hey, I'm a single parent and can't afford to pay for my family and theirs - they shouldn't of LIED on the rent lease they worked!)
    Somehow , these bums got a restraining order after the eviction hearing and them attempted to have me arrested for violating the restraining order (before I even knew there was one!)
    When that didn't work - they slashed my tires, put sand and sugar in my sons gas tank , damaged my property , invaded the other tenants apt and stold his stuff at NOON , tore up the front yard with a 4X4 truck joy ride, graffittied the garage and had me ambushed and assaulted (with injury) the day AFTER the court order had them ordered out of the apt (stipulation of eviction dismissal)
    Then after a court date they stalked me to my car (parked on a dead end street blocks from the courthouse) -waited for me in a NO PARKING BUS ZONE at the exit (only way out) (I took a picture of them stalking me in that NO PARKING ZONE as proof (plus I got a parking ticket to prove I was legally parked there and they had no business there) -But yet - she filed a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT that I was violating her restraining order by harrassing her (taking her picture of her stalking ME )
    Public Defender won't take my case (even that I qualify for state funded Medical Benefits -(I have a permanet phyical disability which is now aggrevated as the result of the assault by the tenants two FOOTBALL size boyfriends) The public defender says I can sell my livelyhood home and pay for defense against the false allegations or get a loan (the bank won't do that -because I don't have money to pay it back)
    So that JUSTICE in WI - corrupt officials, corrupt police and corrupt politics - ESCAPE WI

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    Default Criminal Charges

    You don't indicate what criminal charge you are facing.

    You should at least consult a private criminal defense lawyer and find out what representation will cost.

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    Default charges /cost of defense

    The "criminal charges" for the tenant stalking ME after the court date was 'violation of a restraining order'
    The cost to defend myself against the bogus allegation is 5000.
    FIRST you get victimized by the tenants that 'manipulate THE SYSTEM' then you get victimized BY THE SYSTEM.
    I was parked at the end of a dead end street (even got a ticket to prove I was there) - the tenant (with the retraining order ) had her mother follow me to my car after court (the tenant remained in court to pick up a TV/VCR combo she lugged into the courtroom 20 minutes late of the hearing time -she claimed to have 'evidence' on a tape -but never presented it)
    Then after walking the block 1/2 to go to my car- on the way out (the only exit) I seen that same car again park in a NO PARKING BUs ZOne to ambush me as I was leaving - this time the tenant was driving , mother passenger (and I think one or two other people in the back seat ) -
    The tenant alleges I harrassed her (violation of the restraining order)by snapping a pictures of her (parked in the no parking bus stop zone) and drove by laughing -

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