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    Question Having an Adult Made a Ward of the State


    How do you declare an adult to be a ward of the state, and what is involved in that process? My Mom has suffered several strokes. She is currently in an assisted living facility that she is paying cash for. Her money and resources has run out and she has to leave the facility by the 31st of July because she can no longer pay for it. She is unable to pay her mortgage and will be going into foreclosure on that in the next few months (she is paid up until August and after that however long it takes the late payments before they foreclose). She has nowhere to go to when the 1st of August comes around. Her only income is through disability and it is $1200 a month. My father is dead, and I am an only child.

    My husband, daughter and I are going to be moving out of state soon (I hope depending on what happens with my Mom) and living with his parents who are going to pay our expenses until we get on our feet (so she obviously cannot live with us, and we have no money or resources to pay for her). She is going to be 58 in August and not old enough to qualify for most programs we've run across. She has been on temp disability for almost a year, and permanent disability for a few months. I've seen programs for people who have been on full time for 2+ years...she obviously doesn't qualify for. Apparently because she was not allowed to sign herself into the assisted living place, and I had to, I am now financially responsible for her and her care. Even though I have no money or place for her to live it is apparently all on me and I have no options as we have no money to get her into another facility. Isn't there someplace people go when they have no options?

    No one will help us and they keep threatening us with felony charges of abandonment and prison time. Help, it is not my responsibility to pay for and care for my mother when she chose to not take medication and continue smoking. She refuses to listen to anything my husband and I say to her and thinks she is no different than before the strokes.

    She thinks she should be able to live alone even though the condition of her house when the ambulance came to get her for her last stroke was so disgusting and unsanitary they wanted to file charges on my husband and I for neglect of an elderly person when she wouldn't listen to us to get rid of the dogs or clean her house (we don't live in the house either)! I don't know what to do or why I am being held responsible for her. I have not signed any guardianship or custody of her and she has not been deemed incompetent. Please help...time is ticking on where she is suppose to go on the 1st! =(

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    Default Re: Having an Adult Made a Ward of the State

    Speak with your local Medi-Cal office to see about your mother's eligibility to be declared Medically Indigent.

    MI is a classification meant for (among other) persons aged 21 to 65 who are in a skilled nursing facility and otherwise ineligible for aid.

    You're also going to need an attorney to handle the other details. Contact Legal Aid in your area, or the Bar Association for a referral.

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