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    Default Visiting other states before court date

    Can I go to other states for vacation before my court date or do u have to stay in the place where I committed the crime? Also do I need to tell someone that I'm going to another state?

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    Default Visiting Other States

    If you have been released on bond, you are expected to comply with the terms of your bond (whatever those happen to be). If the terms of your bond restrict you from leaving the state, you should get court permission to leave.

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    I had a civilian's arrent. I was caught shoplifting and a police officer came to the store and gave me a paper with my court date. I didn't go to jail or get figerpainted. Would I be able to visit other states? Do I need to contact someone about it?

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    Default Pending Criminal Charge

    It's unlikely under those circumstances that you are prohibited from leaving the state. If in doubt, verify it with a local criminal defense lawyer or with the court.

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