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    Default will the insurance pay for the whole paint job??

    i have been in a car accident it was the other driver fault. so his insurance took my car to a collision shop for repair. they fix everything that was involved in the accident but one, see the thing is my car has a custom paint job, its a cameelian color, and it just happen to be that the maker of the paint discontinue the paint 2 years ago, so the collision shop told me it is impossible to match. and the insurance company said they wont pay for the whole paint job, they will only pay for the damage that was in the accident, so my car will be miss match " can anyone help me i dont know if their bull$#*!ing me or what" am i entitle to a whole new paint job? thanks

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    Default Matching Paint After Accident

    If you don't like what the insurance company is offering by way of settlement, and you haven't signed a release, you should still have the opportunity of suing the other driver for the cost of repair.

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    Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster is compensated and evaluated in part by how well they keep costs down. Usually this does not include the cost of a rental vehicle. We all know that the insurance company is supposed to restore the vehicle to its original condition. Keep hammering away at the insurance company and feel free to go over the adjuster's head. Be a nuisance!

    I went through a similiar situation with my own insurance company, I shared the same insurance company with the guy who hit me, and I won out. If you are forced to fix the car without restoring the paint or agreeing on a resaonable solution, make sure that you indicate in writing that you are not unconditionally accepting the repair or are doing so "under protest".

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