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    Default Roommate Replacement Problems

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Texas

    So I have decided I can no longer live with my roommate and I am moving. I have talked with the landlord previously and he told me I can just find a roommate replacement and if he declines my prospects then the landlord will let me go. I notified my roommate and the landlord of me moving June 6th, and gave him and the landlord a letter a few weeks later stating my case and reasons for leaving among other things as well as the date of my last day which is August 9th. Since then I have found many people interested in the house, first it started with females, then he declined to live with a woman, I said alright and narrowed the search to male prospects only. I had someone very interested a few weeks ago he just happen to be black. My roommate is apparently racist and said he would not live with a 'n***r faggot". The man was well dressed and presented himself very well. I notified him in front of his mother who is the property manager of what he thought about the possible roommate he said in front of his mother "im not living with a faggot" and then I mentioned what he had previously said.
    Yesterday I sent an email to the landlord stating what I've done and what I will continue to do, find a replacement. I stated how he is making it hard giving me race and sexual preference restrictions as well as stated I need a copy of my lease. Since we signed the lease after we had already been living there a few weeks a copy was not given to me. The landlord is my roommates stepfather. My roommate also smokes weed 24 hours a day. The landlord mentioned if I say that there is any illegal activity going on that person would be evicted immediately. I do not want to live in the house anymore or be involved with these people any longer I just want OUT!
    Am I taking the proper course?
    Notified them both and given more than 60 days notice of leave as well as roommate replacement. I have had multiple interested and then shot down by current roommate on racial and other bias reasons. I was messaged by my roommate that he has kept the house clean and the landlord will sue me and I dont have a leg to stand on in court. The landlord still hasn't emailed me back and I noted in the email I am leaving for a week and need to give him rent. I leave in 5 hours.

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    Default Re: Roommate Replacement Problems

    I leave in 5 hours.
    If you're on that tight of a deadline, posting to an internet message board is probably not the most expedient way to get an answer.

    Read here and here. If your roommate continues to be unreasonable, he may lose all claim against you for future rent until the end of your lease.

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