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    Default Collect on a Debt

    My question involves business law in the state of: Virginia

    I wish to collect a debt from a customer that signed up for a service and has not paid as agreed. The debt is roughly $2,000.

    I have a small business and sell information to subscribers (typically banks and mortgage companies). Subscribers sign written agreements. Our information product is delivered via the internet. One customer signed an agreement several months ago. This customer is a very large well known mortgage company which just recently was acquired by a very large well known bank. That customer has not paid invoices and has ignored all communications. That customer is located in Oregon.

    We have signed up and serve many other offices of the same mortgage company and the same bank that acquired this mortgage company. Those other offices consistently pay us for the services over many months and years.

    We wrote the agreement without the benefit of legal review. Still feel it is a binding agreement. The original mortgage company and the acquiring bank have offices in Virginia. Can we file a warrant in debt in Virginia? What do you reccoment we do to collect?

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    Default Re: Collect on a Debt

    What do you reccoment we do to collect?
    Hire an attorney to send him a couple nastygrams demanding payment of the debt, as well as to advise you throughout the collections process.

    If the fella doesn't pay up, take him to court.

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