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    Unhappy Bought A Boat From Seller Who Did Not Have Good Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Missouri

    I wanted to post my story in hopes to get some guidance on my next move in the never ending saga of "purchase a boat but cant get it titled correctly"...My story begins in early January where when looking @ boats for sale locally...I find a craigslist ad for a Rinker 28ft Daycruzer .....I respond to the add and arrange to meet Bill ( boat owner ) in Illinois where he and boat are located..I meet up...and make a offer...I contact my local bank here in missouri ( US Bank )...they get his contact info and boat info and in a week they have everything they need and are ready to cut the check...
    I meet bill at my local bank ..he brings the title... paperwork is signed..bill gets paid...I get the title...we shake hands and part ways...I advise him I would get the boat soon and bring it big deal...the boating season is months away...well...I pay for insurance...and proceed to the Missour DMV to register the boat....when the DMV informs me that I cant title the boat because the title Doesn't actually have Bill's NAME name on the front of the title...I got to 2 other MDV's and get told the same thing.... I call Bill on the cell phone ..he's out of state...he went to new jersey and said he'll be gone for a he said he'll take care of it when he gets back....6 weeks or so goes by and he's harder and harder to reach...but eventually I meet and give him the title back because he said he would fix it..weeks go by and he said he was unable to get it done...He said he would have to go back to the person he bought the boat from and ask then to file for a lost title...and then he would make it right....more weeks go by and I call yet again ...and he makes up some story that the people who sold him the boat were in a traffic accident and were kinda busy and after they sort out the accident ...he would have them send me the title....I said OK...I wait a week and call bill back.....and now the cell phone is now I'm starting to come around....The former owners on the boat ( Scott and Carri ) left paperwork on the boat and bill never cleaned it I find their phone numbers and call....they told me Bill called them saying he was a dealer and wanted them to file a loss of title and have them give him a clean title... they told him to get bent... As it turns out...Bill bought the boat on July 07 and never registered it in his name...and sold it to me in Jan 08...I'm new to titling a boat so I didn't catch it...nor did US bank...who were concerned about the only thing that they would get paid..Now I have no title..and a boat for 18K that I cant register....I went to US bank 2 days ago to ask for help....Their reaction was TRY to get the title for the original owners......the boating season is half over..there has to be some legal action I can take against somebody...HELP

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    Default Re: Bought A Boat From Seller Who Did Not Have Good Title

    It sounds like you're going to have to sue him, and hope that you can collect on the judgment.

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