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    Default Water Bill After Pipes Burst

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    Over the last 6 months; the pipes have burst 3 times. My landlord has paid for the repairs. The problem? He expects me to pay the high water bill ($300) that resulted from this. Fortunately; the water company decided to only bill the property owners right after the first pipe burst.

    My landlord keeps telling me that it is my debt since I signed a lease that states that I would pay all utilities. In my opinion; this is outside the realm of "usual & customary" utilities.

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    Default Re: Water Bill After Pipes Burst

    Why did the pipes burst? Should we infer that the water bill is still in your landlord's name?

    If you are on the lease as responsible for all water bills then it's quite possible that you're on the hook for the increased bill.

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    Default Re: Water Bill After Pipes Burst

    According to guy that repaired the pipes; the pipes are very old and corroded. He thinks that they are as old as the house (1957).

    BTW; these pipes are underground. He told my landlord that they had probably been leaking for awhile and the water finally made it to the surface.

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