My question involves a roommate in the State of: new york

I was living with my boyfriend and 2 other couples. Only one person was on the lease and he was friends with the landlord and had found us the aparment. There were problems occuring with one of the couples so the person who was on the lease called the landlord and he and the land lord made up a story together of how they were going to evict this couple. After a month the person who was on the lease said we were all being evicted (before our rent was even due) because of not being able to afford the rent(because they couldnt afford their portion of the rent). I was out of town at the time so they said they would move all of my stuff and store it at their new apartment. We never got back any of our security deposit. Now they will not give us our belongings and will not pay the cable, gas or electric which was all in my name. What can i do?