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    Default Commercial Vehicles Over Easement Causing Damage to Pavement

    I and my neighbor have an easement across our properties to 5 other homes. One home is a rental that gets package deliveries several times a week and the truck is a large step van weighing in at about 10 tons and has done damage to the road which is just not big enough for it. I have yet to find my deed (California) but it most likely is unrestricted. I made the mistake of asking the company not to bring these trucks down as they do have regular size vans in our area daily (the easement has not nor will it be blocked). Do I have any right to have asked this (probably not, eh?!) or is there recourse against delivery company.

    Ps-there has been a history of neighbors working together and even thinking about an association...until 2 of the homes became rentals.

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    Default Re: Commercial Vehicles Over Easement Causing Damage to Pavement

    You haven't given us any information to assess your respective rights under the easement. There is no harm, though, in asking the delivery company to use a smaller truck - the worst they'll do is say "no".

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