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    Default Guardianship of Mother With Mental Health Issues

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Kentucky

    I'm an only child trying to care for my own children while trying to help my mother who is only 45. About six months ago my mother came up missing from her own apartment. She wondered into a Nursing Home asking for the soldiers to come out and march with her. She was threating to blow up the planet..... along with many other comments that made no sense at all. After being transported to the hospital they released her because she wasn't suicidal. Three days later, I had to take her back due to her behavior getting worst. She spent 10 days in the hospital after she attacked the nurses.
    When they thought she was stable, she was released to me. After two months of somewhat normal behavior her doctor agreed with her that she could try living on her own.

    This lasted about a month before she had another break down. Crying non stop, hearing voices, trying to suffocate herself, etc. She spent another week in the hospital. After each stay she would revisit her regular doctors who always asked the same thing, " Is it true you did these things"? Of course she would tell them I was making it up. She wont even sign a release so I can talk to them about her care.

    This is now her fourth stay at a hospital and they had to get a court order to keep her. This time she was pushing and hitting on me and my father and breaking things in my house while urinating in the floor and removing her clothes. It took five police officers to restrain her.

    I can't provide her with the care she needs any longer. However, the doctors can't talk to me due to the new HEPA laws. But they release her to me and can't talk about her care plan! She refuses care,wont take her medicines, and wont go to her doctors appointments. I want to get her in a Personal Care Home where there are professions to help her but she is against any help at all, let along this. What are my options? Can the state or I take over guardianship to get her help? What steps must I be prepared to take? What is the best process to get this completed before she is released and put on the street? I'm afraid she is a danger to herself or otheres and my even be hurt by someone else. I need all the information and help I can get to save and protect my mother as well as myself and children.

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    Default Re: Guardianship of Mother With Mental Health Issues

    What is the best process to get this completed before she is released and put on the street? I'm afraid she is a danger to herself or otheres and my even be hurt by someone else.
    Get a lawyer and tell him exactly that.

    Make sure you and your father can document the other incidents.

    Good luck.

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