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    Default Business Double Charging a Credit Card or Bank Card

    I'm not sure where this falls in law, but isn't against the law for a business to charge your account twice for the same item you only authorize to be charged once? I noticed a preauthorization two time a month ago and questioned columbia house and they blamed my bank for it but the second preauthorization fell off and one charge only went through. This time a couple days ago they did the same thing and preauthorized my account twice and so I asked my bank if they did it and they said it was columbia house and not them. They told me columbia house can call them and cancle one. Today, before I could have them call, both charges completed and columbia house says I can spend the credited amount (which my account is closed and don't wish to use it) or they could mail me a check. I don't want that. I want the money back where it came from. What does the law think?

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    Default Re: Business Double Charging a Credit Card or Bank Card

    As far as I know, the law only requires that they give you your money back, not that they give it back in the manner of your choosing.
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    Default Re: Business Double Charging a Credit Card or Bank Card

    Quote Quoting sosorry11
    I want the money back where it came from.
    That place being where, if not the account?

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