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    Default Access to Property Denied

    my state is virginia
    a large gas company in my area has went into a verbal agreement with an individual who accesses his property via a road that goes through my property, to deny me access to part of my property.... the gas company has erected a large steel gate across the road...previously they had always supplied me with keys for access... as beyond this gate i own the left side and the individual owns the right side of the road....this time when i asked the land agent for the gas co. for keys i was told i could not have one as the individual was claiming all land past the gate and that the only way the individual would allow the gas company to put 2 new gas wells on his property was if the gate was installed and no one got keys but him...i asked the land agent what their maps showed and he told me that according to their maps i was correct about property ownership past the gate....when i asked why they would put up something denying me access he once again stated that it was the only way they could get the contract signed for installation of the 2 new wells...a little property and the individuals were 1 piece of property until 50 years ago....we have used the gate and road to access our property continuously during that time when we needed to....i have tried talking to the individual with out success in resolving this....i have 2 questions 1.) what is the best (and cheapest) way to go about securing my access and my property 2.) do i have any recourse with the gas company for building this blockade... seems to me they knew what they were causing

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    Default Re: Access to Property Denied

    So what's really going on between you and your neighbor?

    If the utility company isn't negotiating, you should consult a real estate lawyer. See if you can get a free consultation, and take your title work with you.

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    Sounds like you need an attorney to make a demand on the gas company to give you a key. They are the one denying you access. Bolt cutters also work and then double lock the gate. What does your deed say about the road and whose land is the road actually on?

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