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    Default Driver's License Suspension for an Unlicensed Driver in Kansas

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Kansas

    I have a friend that does not have a dl. I was asking him what we need to do to get it back and how long has it been suspended. He said that he has never had one but at one time while incarcerated the state issued him a dl and then as soon as it was issued, suspended it. How does that work or happen? I know that everyone else in the state has to take a written test, a driving test and an eye test. Just curious how that can happen. Thanks everyone.

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    Default Re: Kansas Drivers License

    He has never had a learner's permit (or whatever y'all call it in Kansas)? Never applied for a license?

    No written test, either?

    Let me poke around. I actually have some houseguests from Kansas this week (though only one is a native, the other used to be British!). They might have an idea.
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    Default Re: Kansas Drivers License

    Missy! I chuckled when I read your response. NOPE he has never had anything other than what was given to him and then suspended by the state.

    That was the states doings. I live in the part of the state where detectives sign search warrants, prosecuting attorneys dont prosecute according to law or actually against the law and money talks, BS walks. No one cares.

    Thanks for the responses though I enjoy this site and peoples input on stuff has been helpful in lots of topics. Keep up the great work everyone does to make this site possable.

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    Oddly, it was the transplanted Brit who had some ideas.

    What was your friend in for?

    Alistair surmises that if he was in for something that usually carries a penalty of a suspended drivers license, they may have thought to ensure that he didn't go out and get a license when he got out of the clink.

    I hadn't even considered that, I was too busy scratching my head and wondering how they managed that!

    Have him contact the DMV and ask under what circumstances the license was issued. They're going to know more.

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    Default Re: Kansas Drivers License

    Thanks Missy. I will find out what he was in for and let ya know. Just so we can gain all this extra knowledge. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Kansas Drivers License

    He was in jail for other things and none of them traffic related, theft, burglary, drugs but not one thing to do with driving without a liscense. He never did the written test or the driving test and none of the stuff that got him jail time were traffic related. Is this just odd?

    It did make sense to me that if there had been some traffic infractions that they would do that, but nope...not traffic related. So i just dont get it.. welcome to Kansas please set your watch back a few years.

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    Default Re: Kansas Drivers License

    Some states impose driver's license suspensions for certain drug crimes. Do you happen to know the specific conviction charges (citations to the Kansas statutes)?

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    Default Re: Driver's License Suspension for an Unlicensed Driver in Kansas

    He has gone to the city for work and when he returns I will get the exact charges he did the time for. It just befuddles me and I always get good information here. Thanks.

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