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    Angry Can Hospitals Refuse Your Minimum Payment Offer

    I'm from PA, and I have a medical bill of $1000 from last July. I had a hysterectomy and my insurance covered all but $1000. My husband pays all of our bills to live (food, home, electric... etc etc) and any money I make from my business is mine. Now, last year in my business I only made $15000 ($14000 of which was used for materials. Leaving me $1000 profit.) anyways, in September, my husband and I separated and I moved out. I still did some of my business, but not enough to survive. I moved in with a friend so I wouldn't have to pay rent.

    Now, in Feb. I moved back home. So, I still have my business, but it is very slow the first 6 months of the year. I'm a photographer. I have been looking for a job to help pay my other racked up debt (mainly from when I was separated). It's hard for me to find a job (I have no other skills other than my photography) that will pay me more than minimum wage and will help me to make enough money to pay for bills and daycare for 2 children. I have been trying to find a job that will pay decent so I can get back on the ball and pay off my debt. Not easy.

    Not only that, but in March I got in a car accident and messed up my back. I am not able to lift more than 20-30lbs. So I had to stop doing weddings (which is 90% of my income!)

    So, this morning at 8:15am my phone rings and it's the hospital. I politely asked the woman to call me back in a few hours because my family was sleeping. She said I could take her information and call her back before noon today. I get up to find paper and a pen and told her we may as well discuss this now, she woke me up! I don't sleep well and now once in a good sleep, she wakes me up!

    She tells me that I needed to pay on this right away or she would pull my home information and my credit report and take me to court. Usually this would be no big deal, because my name is nowhere on my home... but since my health insurance is in my husbands name, they can go after him also. And he has flawless credit.

    Now, I made a payment in March and didn't get any other calls about it. I seriously forgot about it with everything else going on. She told me I need to make a small payment to get them off my backs and I said, "Look, I have no money, but I will pay you $5! And she said, "Sorry m'am. I can only accept a minimum payment of $500!!!!!" Where is the small in that???

    There is no way at all that I can afford to give them that much money. We are so tight right now. My husband doesn't even have enough money for groceries this week!

    I tried to explain to her that I am working with a Debt Consolidation program and she tell me, "I'm sorry, but we don't work with those types of programs." How is that even possible if they are getting their money?

    She tells me that I have until 12PM EST today to come with $500 or they will take us to court. I have no idea what to do!

    In PA, I thought that they were not allowed to call you before 9am. Is that correct? Also, if I offer them some sort of payment, don't they have to accept it? I thought if you made any payment, they had to get off your back. Also, can she really do anything with my home?

    I'm really worried!

    Sorry this was so long, but thanks in Advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Can Hospitals Refuse Your Minimum Payment Offer

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    Can Hospitals Refuse Your Minimum Payment Offer
    Quote Quoting Nsoroma79
    So, this morning at 8:15am my phone rings and it's the hospital.
    Are you sure it wasn't a collection agency? What you describe sounds like the work of a collection agency.

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