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    Default Shared Storage Unit

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Oregon
    I use to live in apartment complex that rented out garages for storage. Lots of legal probs here. But one at a time... about 2 years ago.. I let my neighbor rent 1/2 the garage from me, since the company was ticked that her apartment look like a torage unit. She rarely paid her share, but since garage was in my name and I am an idiot I let it slide. Even more an idiot.. I signed a years lease with her to rent a wonderful house... well,, some nasty stuff happened while moving in.. and now I must downsize (years lease on house.. she has bailed and refuses to talk to me) I gave notice on the garage, and have repeatidly attempted to contact her, emails.. multiple, face to face she avoids issue, or says I paid this months rent.. no you are behind 1.5 years.
    Well Monday I must return garage to company.. and she has not moved anything.. She did say that she will move her stuff Sunday night.. but that was how she moved in here.. last minute.. nasty mess.. with me and my other roommate doing all the labor, gas, vehicle.. yadda yadda
    so... Question.. can I move her trash from the garage to the house and store it in the garage here until she so decides to pick it up.(after the legal house lease suit drama)
    She states that I cannot touch her stuff.. I do not want to the mold is so bad in her stuff that I am having serious sinus attacks and asthma attcks. But.. can I move her stuff from rental garage/storage unit... to new property.. where all she other stuff is stored.

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    Default Re: Shared Storage Unit

    The easiest resolution will be if she lives up to her word and moves her stuff. See what happens tomorrow night, and let us know.

    If it's still there on Monday morning, you've made a problem for yourself by waiting so long to take action. You may not have been effective in collecting rent, but you did charge rent and thus this is a bailment for hire and you have certain duties to safeguard her belongings. Moving them to a new, safe location is a mixed solution, as she doesn't want her items moved, but it beats risking being sued for the loss or destruction of the items. Continuing to rent the garage while following a proper course of action to evict her is also possible, but it costs you money and is cumbersome.

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    I don't see a bailment here, the OP didn't agree to store anything or take possession or control for the benefit of the former neighbor. He clearly indicates that he was sharing or subleasing storage space. It is possible as a sublessor, that the OP has an obligation to the sublessee former neighbor because he is breaching the lease, even though the sublessee is behind in the rent. It is even possible that some of the back rent is not due if there have been no efforts to collect because it could become a waiver. (Note that I am not talking in absolutes.)

    It doesn't sound like there is time, but I would have a consultation with a lawyer. Barring that, you may want to CYA and move the former neighbor's belongings to a storage unit, giving her prompt notice, while getting that consultation.

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    Default Re: Shared Storage Unit

    Thanks.. she did not move her items. So we were forced to move them to a "storage unit" the house we all leased together, not rented leased. Anyway, i would have kept that garage and paid the rent.. BUT I had been served with a 10 day no cause notice on it a months earlier, and was able to get it extended 30 days. Which leads us to the real pickle she has created. The garage prop mgmnt company will not even consider to rent that unit to her until I return it to them, emptied. And a little birdy at the company told me that they won't take an application from her.(could be because of the SERIOUS mold problem she caused, which is here now) The items I discovered mold ridden I am storing outdoors, because of the cant throw it away bs. but the house property mgmnt company will go through the roof if they know it is here. They have already evicted her rottweiler from the premises, and are soo tired of hearing her call and whine at t hem. I do not want to lose this house because of her. I have taken a loan from a relative to ensure that this months rent is paid. and am actively seeking work (I am disabled, see I lose either my dream house, or the pittance of money I get from ssdi, no brainer for me)
    So.. here is my new predicament (garage was emptied and all her stuff moved here as of midnight this am.) She is still technically on the lease here, she has not given any written notice, to us or the property mgmnt company. She is dodging my calls, I had to quietly slip her a note at her job, because I knew she couldnt refuse it with out creating a scene, I said nothing, the envelope only had her name on it. (but I fear I may hav eoverstepped some legal thing there,, I was desperate). So her name is on lease.. no notice. and now is stating that she will use her boyfriend (the reason she has moved, we will not let him live here,, he is a registered sex offender, didnt tell us.. I had to reasearch is through country court) to move her belongings out of house. As long as it was storage unit I had not issue, but I have repeatidly told her he is to not set foot on the property, told him too (and heis one large scarey guy) but she says the house property mgmnt company says she can because her name is still ont he lease.. blahh blahh blahh.. and fi I call the police we will see what happens. The property ownr told us before this new nonsence, that if this sex offender stepped on property to call him...
    what do I do... I want her out... I am going to sue her in small claims she is into me for soooomuch money I am not adding it up, because I may need an ambulance when I do. (she spent my entire settlement I got from a case).
    Summary - Garage gone.. her stuff here now.. she is on lease here, but has not given any notice.. new month.. no word, no email. no call... we do not know if she will pay rent and we do not want her to.. we want her out.. and Property managemtn company hates roommate issues.. andare waiting for her to sign some form.
    How do I get her out!

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