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    Default Getting Health Insurance Through a Citizen Spouse

    We have not yet started filing our paperwork, but we were married on June 20th and City Hall in NYC!!!
    I have a question...I have not yet begun any name changing on ss card or drivers license etc...because I thought if I change it it might get messy down the road untill new husband has at least gotten all his paper work in?

    Anyway, what about health insurance? Since I have it through work and it is private industry, I'm thinking it would be ok to add him right away? Does anyone know? I don't want anything coming back to bite us in the a__

    We have found a lawyer but have not paid our filing fees as of yet, so I cannot ask her. (We will be doing so in the next few weeks though) But at my job they said to put him on as soon as we get married...(I told them he doesn't have a ss#, but they said it doesn't that so?)

    Can anybody help?



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    Default Re: Getting Health Insurance Through a Citizen Spouse

    You need to add your husband to your insurance plan at work within 30 days of the marriage, or else wait till open enrollment. That is Federal law.

    They do not need his SSN.

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    Default Re: Getting Health Insurance Through a Citizen Spouse

    As long as you are married, I don't see a problem.

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