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    Default Truck Stolen Police Report is Wrong

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: PA

    Ok my truck was stolen one night, but before it was stolen i let ppl take a friend home, We all were drinking....i crashed after they got back, they left...woke up next day truck was gone, i didnt knwo these guys jsut figured if they were with her they were cool.

    Police report reads: I contacted police that truck had been stolen, it says i let someone barrow it and they never brought it back, cops contact the girl that got taken home....she stated she got a ride in my truck by the guys and i didnt tell them when to return the truck...(which is not right, they did bring it back after, and i did tell them to be right back)

    So now the cop is on vacation for 2 weeks....what should i do here, maybe i shouldnt let them barrow it in the first place....but i didnt give them permission for the second time. I need help!!!! cause i doubt the insurance is going to payme since its says i let them take it then they never brought it back!!!!

    FYI i never did fill out a report or statement this was all over the phone, with the police!!!

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    Default Re: Truck Stolen Police Report is Wrong

    Also the report is a stolen Vehicle police report.... it is in NCIC. I just seen where sometimes police dont let people report it stolen if u gave someone premission..... so to me this report is all backwards!!

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