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    Default Civil Suit and Harrassment

    I have recently since broken up with my girlfriend and we lived together for about 3 years. Last year I was going to buy a condo for us to live in and signed a contract with the building but later broke the contract because she and I were having problems. It has been almost a year and we have had our share of problems. She has demanded that I pay her $30,000 to fix our problems. I drew up a contract to pay her $5,000 every 2 weeks for 90 days to settle the problem. The first payment she missed because she was in Seattle and we agreeded to wait until the next one. The next payment approached and I sent her an email to ask her a question and she over reacted and said she no longer wanted the money. She is now in the process of filing a civil suit against me.

    She would not let me take my remaining stuff out of the house and this last week she went through it looking for anything she could use against me in court. She is also planning on writing a letter containing documents she refuses to tell me about to my parents to show how bad of a person I am.

    Do I have any legal grounds to stop her from sending these documents? Can I file a suit against her for harrassment?

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    Default Problems with Ex-Girlfriend

    You haven't provided enough facts for me to guess. I suggest you consult a local lawyer, and discuss the facts of your situation in detail.

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