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    Default Cleaning Up A Class A Misdemeanor Record

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: TEXAS

    I am in the dark... so dark that I had no idea there where actually "classes" placed on misdemeanors. I was arrested on a Friday night at the Border Patrol for possession of meth. - .00001 lb? Really tiny amount. I spent the weekend in Hudspeth County Jail and was out on Monday after posting bail. Six months later it had been pre-arranged through a lawyer that the felony charges would be reduced to a class A misd, I'd pay a fine, no probation. I thought my troubles were over. But in seeking employment, I'm seeing clearly my troubles won't ever be over until I figure out how to get my record clean.

    I had a clean record up until that moment and have had clean record since. I NEED TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY! What should I do? How much is it likely going to cost me? What is the quickest route?

    I have had really really crappy luck with lawyers and can't afford to make any bad choices right now. I know the profession needs to eat too, but there seems to be soooooo many options listed on the internet.

    I have potential employers running background checks as we speak. I was not honest on the applications in respect to this because I have been turned away when I did. I needed them to at lease let me apply. It's ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIND EMPLOYMENT!

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    Default Re: Class A Misd - TX Border Patrol

    I have hired people with blemishes on their record.

    I have never hired anyone that lied on their application and assumed I wouldn't find out.

    You need a lawyer for an expungement.

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    Default Re: Class A Misd - TX Border Patrol

    I agree with how you feel. I should not have been anything but honest on the ap... I'm just scared right now and feeling desparate. I feel like such a HUGE CRIMINAL. Every day that goes by that I've not heard back from "a great job offer pending a background check"...

    My last job ran a background check. I had explained the Misd. The man doing the hiring said that if it came up he would not be able to hire me. For what ever reason, nothing showed. It is for this reason only that I wasn't honest. If I hear back that something came up, I'll be very sorry for wasting their time, but then I will know for sure it'll pop up.

    What is the first step? Retaining a lawyer?

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    Default Re: Class A Misd - TX Border Patrol

    I take that back.

    I looked it up...

    Currently, Texas has no provision to expunge or seal convictions. You would need a pardon.

    Those don't happen very often... and almost never for a drug offense.

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    Default Re: Class A Misdemeanor - Texas Border Patrol


    Even though it is bad news, I thank you for taking the time to respond. Really appreciate it.

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