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    Default Legal Emancipation Based on Emotional Abuse

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: florida


    there is no father, Im adopted. I believe my mother has emotionally abused me, and when I called her on it, she ignored me twice, then blamed me, than blamed my youth paster and my friends parents....I've asked her to release her legal guardianship over me, but she refused....So know I want to know whether or not I could bring her to court to legally strip her of her guardianship, on the bases of emotional abuse.....As far back as I can remember she has never said I LOVE YOU. And when I called her on it she ignored it, with no reassurance that She did... shes never homw, and when she is shes not much of a mother anyway - IM not the only one who has said so...can the law help me?

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    Default Re: Legal Emancipation Based on Emotional Abuse

    Your question was answered before, without someone else willing to take you in and have guardianship of you it cannot be done.

    Emancipation based on abuse will not happen either, if being abused call cps

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    Default Re: Legal Emancipation Based on Emotional Abuse

    You cannot demand that your mother give up guardianship.

    Without parental consent, there is no possibility for emancipation... even though you haven't stated your job history, where you will live or what makes you a good candidate.

    On a personal note, I am the adoptive father of a child. I certainly believe myself to be a father everyday... and my adoptive daughter will agree.

    Being adopted doesn't mean you are without parents.

    Now, where is your father. Unless your first name is Jesus and mom is Mary, there HAS to be a father involved.

    Single adoptions almost NEVER happen.

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    Default Re: Legal Emancipation Based on Emotional Abuse

    I was adopted by a single mother, there is not a father....
    I was taken away from my birth mother, because of drug abuse. My dad abandoned us...

    I just got my first job at coldstones....but I have a family who is willing to take me in, and accept legal guardienship...the mother of that is willing to be a character witness, and so is my youth leader. all of which believe that she isnt doing her job properly...not even taken into account of the emotional abuse...

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    Default Re: Legal Emancipation Based on Emotional Abuse

    The law is NOT going to strip her of her rights without VERY strong evidence that she is unfit in the eyes of the court. Not saying "I love you" often enough is not even remotely close enough for a court to make that decision.

    Face it; if it's not bad enough for you to call CPS, then it's not bad enough for the court to take away her parenting rights.

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