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    Default From J1 to I, For a Journalist


    I am a Fulbright fellow under a J1 Visa with the two-year restriction which expires at the end of August.

    Could anyone confirm that USCIS approves changes of status from J to I (also nonimmigrant, for journalists) while I am in the US?

    Otherwise, since Fulbright has restrictions to waivers, would the US consulate in my home country or in a border country (Canada or Mexico) be able to postpone the two-year requirement, so that I could stay in the US until early next year to cover the elections and the first months of the new government?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: From J1 to I, For a Journalist

    Information on getting a waiver of your foreign residency requirement can be found here.

    Isn't your employer willing to help you get an I visa?

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    Default Re: From J1 to I, For a Journalist

    Thanks for the reply.

    The I Visa employer is a foreign media company and they don't have an office in the US. Hence, I'm afraid they cannot help.

    Fulbright has restrictions to waivers. That's why I have been looking into the possibility of a change of status (J1 to I) while I'm still in the US.



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