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    Default Where Can I Report a Business For False Advertising?

    My question involves business law in the state of: Michigan

    I signed up with a local internet service provider about 1-1/2 years ago. My contract required a 1-year committment and involved purchasing their equipment for access, which I did. The contract provided for 24/7 technical support in addition to my email account and internet access.

    At the end of my 1-year I was notified of a price increase, but nothing else.

    I continued with my provider, paying the higher price. About 4 months into my second year my connection went down on a weekend. I called and left several messages but did not get a response until Monday.

    Upon asking why no one had called me back over the weekend (of the tech who had that responsibility) I was told that I did not have 24/7 support and that only their customers on their business plan had 24/7 support (cost for this plan is more than double what I signed up for.)

    I later checked my contract and it did indicate that I had 24/7 coverage and did not show any indication that this coverage would end at the end of the first year. I subsequently emailed the technician stating that I did have 24/7 coverage and asking when it stopped and why wasn't I notified. I never received a response. Time went by and my connection was fine so I thought maybe he'd never answered my emails because he'd just used this as an excuse for not returning my calls.

    Then last weekend I lost my connection again.

    Again no one returned my calls. When I did get someone (on Monday) I was again told I did not have 24/7 coverage. I ended up speaking to the owner, who told me the same thing. He says it ended with my 1-year contract and admits it doesn't say that it will end in my contract but says that they can change it or whatever they want once the year is up! He says I have to sign up for their business plan to get 24/7 tech support? I tried to explain that they can't just change things without notifying their customers and giving them options but to no avail. I then just asked him to put what he'd said in writing to me and he said he would. I haven't received it yet, but it's only been a day or so.

    Anyway, I went to their web site to see what it shows there. Their web site shows the new pricing but the same structure as when I originally signed with them. It also shows an option to go month to month with 24/7 tech support for $5 more than what I currently pay. On their website all of their plans include 24/7 tech support, not just their business plan! The only difference between the plans is the upload/download speeds and the 1-year commitment vs. month to month.

    My question is where can I go to report this? I am not interested in sueing them (at least not yet) I just want what I signed up. After talking to the owner I have concluded that someone (besides me) has to tell him that this isn't legal. Or is it legal and I am stuck with whatever they do or do not decide to provide in the way of service? What about their advertising? Should I call back and ask the owner about that?

    Thanks in advance for any information or advice you can offer.

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    Default Re: Where Can I Report a Business For False Advertising?

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    Smile Re: Where Can I Report a Business For False Advertising?

    Thanks for the link Mr. Knowitall!

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