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    Question Using A Home Address For A LLC

    My question involves business law in the state of: New Jersey


    I have a question regarding opening up an LLC with my home address.

    If I use my home address on my LLC will my house be liable if for some reason something happens to my business (if I get sued, etc...)??

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    Default Re: Using A Home Address For A LLC

    You mean, if a customer comes over and falls, could they make a premises liability against you as a homeowner? Yes.

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    Default Re: Using A Home Address For A LLC

    It depends who is on the title of the house.

    You, or the LLC?

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    Default Re: Using A Home Address For A LLC

    In addition to your state laws you need to check with your County and City to ensure that you can, in fact, run a business out of your home. They will likely have a pamphlet or website with the information you require. You will also want to check with your Homeowners association.

    In the case of businesses that I have owned, customers could not come to my home. I could, however, go to their home or offices to perform services related to my trade. In addition, the city I lived in required that the business would not significantly increase traffic. UPS and FedEx coming down the street were fine, but 10-20 people per day to pick things up were not. So if something sold on eBay or CraigsList I could deliver it or meet them, but could not have them come by and pick it up.

    All in all I worked through the restrictions and did pretty well.

    I did check with my insurer to see if my activity in my home was covered. I did have to purchase two separate insurance policies, one to cover malpractice and another to insure the items related to my commercial venture (tools, computer, if someone did come over and get injured, etc).

    Best wishes in your pursuits!

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