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    Default Children are Being Sexually Harassed at School

    Please help me. My daughters (twins) are 15. They attend high school where one is a male teacher's aide and the other is in his history class. Over time, events happened that constitute sexual harassment. My daughters reported the problem to 2 teachers and the principal. One of the teachers reported the incidents to the vice principal who said it was just my daughter trying to get attention. One daughter reported it to the principal and for nine days he sat on it. My husband and I went to the school to try and take care of the matter to no avail. The case is now being investigated by the district attorney. In the meantime, the D. A. has advised that my children be removed from school until they can get this investigated. I had already removed them the day before in fear of their safety. They are telling me that they have to get enough evidence to go before the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury does not meet until sometime in February. My question is this.....why are my children being denied their education when the school failed to take my children's complaints seriously and refused to act on a sexual harassment charge? Is this legal???? The teacher however is still teaching while my children have to sit at home. I don't know what my kids rights are regarding this matter! How can I possibly let them be removed for 3 months from school while they conduct their investigation and he is not removed????

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    Default Educational Alternatives

    There should be educational alternatives available when this matter is being resolved. What has been offered?

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