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    Default How To Get A Sentence Reduced

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    My friend pleaded guilty for possession of meth. 32 grams with intent to distribute. They told her if she didn't plea bargain they would give her 40 years. So she did and they still gave her 20 years. Can she appeal this sentence since she is a first time offender? Can she request a sentence reduction? She is in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system not state jail.

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    Default Re: How To Get A Sentence Reduced

    She was told that she wouldn't get a 40-year sentence. A 20-year sentence is not a 40-year sentence - 20 is 1/2 of 40.

    She may have grounds to appeal the sentence, and should discuss that with her lawyer. Generally, it's difficult to appeal from a guilty plea. Without knowing the circumstances, it's impossible to guess whether the sentence would be revisted by the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals, but that court is widely regarded as a rubber stamp for the prosecutor.

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