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    Cool Whether Or Not To Settle

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: wisconsin
    Ive been denied workmans comp. for a neck fusion disk surgery. tryin to make it short here. got a lawyer and we are finally going to court in a few days now been over a year. my lawyer gets a settlment offer from the other side of 10,000.00 he says we are 50/50 to win the case because of some dicrepencys and that the prosecution is gonna pound on me. which is normal i hear. when we started this my lawyer had told me we had a 50,000.00 suit.
    he gives me the usual lawyer thing of how he cant give me a win/ win scenario on a verdict in court, but that he was ready to if i wanted too. my question is this how does a person decide to go for the 50,000.00 or try to get the 10 grand bumped up? which he called me today and said they had already countered for more as i told him to refuse the 10 thousand. im tryin to read into thier actions... how much are they willing to pay without going to court? if there willing to pay now do they know in court im gonna win? need as much help on this as possible people. i dont know what to do now. thank you.

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    Default Re: Whether Or Not To Settle

    There's no way to know how high they will go. There's also no way to know if you will win as much or more at the hearing.

    I've seen cases involving significant settlement offers where the plaintiff lost at trial and got nothing.

    Unfortunately, we're in no position to second-guess your lawyer.

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