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    Default DUI In California-San Francisco

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California/San Francisco
    I am a first time DUI .Never had a single ticket in my life and i am going thru lots of mental stress
    I was pulled over on 06/13 for DUI in around san francisco.They made me do the breathe analyzer test which came out (0.12).it was CHP and they said they pulled me over for swerving .I told them i want to take the blood test in the police station which gave me like 30-45 min .I have following questions

    1.Will my BAC will come more than 0.12 in blood test
    2. and if it does come can my lawyer still convince to consider lower of both test.
    3. whats you feeling will my BAC go over 0.15
    4. what penalties i am looking at .will i go to jail

    Any help really appreciated

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    Default Re: DUI In California-San Francisco

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