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    Default Child Custody Mediation

    My question involves divorce in the State of: New Jersey.

    My wife and I are getting divorced and we can both agree on this, however she is looking to Relocate with the children to the state of Utah. Now I oppose the move and already had her come back after she took the kids back in Decemeber 07 without my permission and I had an order to show cause. ording them to return. which they did. we have gone to court 4 time since Decemeber with her filling multipal time for permission to move to Utah. every time the judge had denied her application.

    My question here is we went to Custody Mediation last week and even they advise her they dont see a good enough reason for the move because it will hurt the relationship and parenting time with my son (5years old) that would be taken away from me... she currantly does not work, (long term disability) and I cannot afford to be able to have a lond distance relationship with my son. And they are avising us it will have to go to a CNA (custody nutural assesment) which is going to cost us each $500.00 which we do not have. She has know checked herself into a mental facility for help dealing with depression anixety and PTSD. what should I do?? we currantly have temp joint custody. no TRO's involved .

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    At this point, isn't the ball in her court? She got denied, and if she wants a change she needs to come up with the $500 for the assessment? Or are you presently under a court order to pay the $500, whatever she does or does not do?

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    Let her know that she is leaving you no choice (by threatening to move out of state) but to go for full custody.

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    If you cannot agree on custody arrangements, this is the procedure for New Jersey:

    "The courts of New Jersey request mediation as a first step in all custody matters. If no agreement is reached they require a Custody Neutral Assessment (CNA). If you do not agree with the CNA recommendations, you can hire a private evaluator. If these steps do not lead to a custody agreement, we will have to go to court and let a judge decide."

    - Source

    You may be able to apply for financial relief for the CNA, if required.

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    It is already known to the court since there is a relocation issue I am looking (seeking) full custody. she advised me that she is done, she cant afford the CNA neither can I and now she has checked herself into a behavorial hospital because she cant deal with it anymore..... so she has been there for 2 weeks and her sister flew out from Utah to take care of the kids. which I already filed an order to show cause because I am the father of one of the minor children and she didnt even bother to tell me anything,

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